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Accounting Ratios Analysis/Financial Ratios Analysis:

Learning Objectives:

After studying this topic you should be able to:
Define, explain, calculate and interpret the various accounting ratios.
Explain the significance and usefulness of different ratios
Explain the limitations of using ratios analysis


There are many special measurements that may be developed from financial statements and supplementary financial data. Such measurements may be divided into:
  • Those that analyze balance sheet position, and
  • Those that analyze operating results.

Some of these measurements have special significance to particular groups, while others may be of general interest to all groups. Creditors, for example, are concerned with the ability of a company to pay its current obligations and seek information about the relationship of current assets to current liabilities. Shareholders are concerned with dividends and seek information relating the earnings per share that will form the basis for dividend declarations. Management is concerned with the liquidity of stock of goods and seek information relating to the number of times stock have turned over during the period. All parties are vitally interested in the profitability of operations and wish to be informed about the relationship of earnings to both creditors and shareholders.

A number of measurements developed from financial statements will be explained effectively through using accounting ratios. It is fact that ratio analysis is one of the tools of the financial analysis. It is used to diagnose the financial health of an enterprise.

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