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Annuity Method of Depreciation:

Definition and Explanation:

Under annuity method of depreciation the cost of asset is regarded as investment and interest at fixed rate is calculated thereon. Had the proprietor invested outside the business, an amount equal to the cost of asset, he would have earned some interest. So as a result of buying the asset the proprietor loses not only cost of asset by using it, but also the above mentioned interest. Hence depreciation is calculated in such a way as will cover both the above mentioned losses. The amount of annual depreciation is determined from annuity table.

Annuity method is particularly applicable to those assets whose cost is heavy and life is long and fixed, e.g. leasehold property, land and building etc.


A firm purchased a 5 years' lease for $40,000 on first January. It decides to write off depreciation on the annuity method. Presuming the rate of interest to be 5% per annum.

Show the lease account for the first 3 years. Calculations are to be made to the nearest dollar.

Annuity Table

Amount required to write off $1 by the annuity method.

Years 3% 3.5% 4% 4.5% 5%
3 0.353530 0.359634 0.360349 0.363773 0.367209
4 0.269027 0.272251 0.275490 0.278744 0.282012
5 0.218355 0.221418 0.224627 0.227792 0.230975
6 0.184598 0.187668 0.190762 0.193878 0.197017
7 0.160506 0.163544 0.166610 0.169701 0.172820
8 0.142456 0.145477 0.148528 0.151610 0.154722


According to the annuity table given above, the annual charge for depreciation reckoning interest at 5 percent p.a. would be:

230975 40,000 = $9,239

Lease Account

  Debit Side     Credit Side  
Date   $ Date   $
1st Year     1st Year    
Jan. 1 To Cash 40,000 Dec. 31 By Depreciation 9,239
Dec. 31 To Interest 2,000   By Balance c/d 32,761
    42,000     42,000
2nd Year     2nd Year    
Jan. 1 To Balance b/d 32,761 Dec. 31 By Depreciation 9,239
Dec. 31 To Interest 1,638   By Balance c/d 25,160
    34,399     34,399
3rd Year          
Jan. 1 To Balance b/d 25,160 Dec. 31 By Depreciation 9,239
Dec. 31 To Interest 1,258   By Balance c/d 17,179
    26,418     26,418
3rd Year          
Jan. 1 To Balance b/d 17,170      

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