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Depletion Method of Depreciation:

Definition and Explanation:

Depletion method is basically an accounting for natural resources rather that accounting for depreciation. In the case of wasting assets such as mines and quarries, which have to be replaced, depreciation is usually provided for on the depletion unit basis, which means that such a sum is provided each year as represents the expired capital outlay on the basis of output compared with the estimated total contents of the mine etc. Thus if a stone quarry estimated to contain 100,000 tonnes of stone, is acquired for $5,000, the amount of depreciation to be provided will be 5 cents per tonnes of stone raised.


The SM limited leased a manganese ore mine on June 30th 2002 for a sum of $500,000. It is estimated that total quantity of ore in the mine is 100,000 tonnes. The annual output is as follows:

Year Tonnes
2002 5,000
2003 20,000
2004 16,000
2005 21,000

Required: Using the depletion method of depreciation, show the mine account for the above 4 years.


The depreciation will be @ $5 per tonne raised each year:

$500,000 / 100,000 tonnes

= $5.00

Mine Account

2002   $ 2002   $
June 30 Bank 500,000 Dec. 31 Depreciation 25,000
        Balance c/d 475,000
    500,000     500,000
2003     2003    
Jan. 1 Balance b/d 475,000 Dec. 31 Depreciation 100,000
        Balance c/d 375,000
    475,000     475,000
2004     2004    
Jan. 1 Balance b/d 375,000 Dec. 31 Depreciation 80,000
        Balance c/d 295,000
    375,000     375,000
2005     2005    
Jan. 1 Balance b/d 295,000 Dec. 31 Depreciation 105,000
        Balance c/d 190,000
2006 Balance b/d 190,000      

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