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International Uses of Standard Costing System:

Standard costing system is used by companies worldwide. A comparative study of cost accounting practices found that three-fourth of the companies surveyed in the United Kingdom, two-third of the companies surveyed in Canada, and 40% of the companies in Japan used standard costing system.

Standard costs were first introduced in Japan after World War II, with Nippon Electronic Companies (NEC) being one of the first Japanese companies to adopt standard costs for all of its products. Many other Japanese companies followed NEC's lead and developed standard cost systems.

The ways in which these standard costs are used in Japan and also in other countries are shown below:

  United States United Kingdom Canada Japan
Cost management 1* 2 2 1
Budgetary planning and control** 2 3 1 3
Pricing decisions 3 1 3 2
Financial statement preparation 4 4 4 4
*The numbers 1 through 4 denote importance of use, from greatest to least.
**Includes management planning.
Source: Compiled from data in study by Shin'ichi Inoue, "Comparative Studies of Recent Development of Cost Management Problems in U.S.A., U.K., Canada, and Japan," Research Paper No. 29, Kagawa University, p. 20.

Over time the pattern of use shown above may change, but at present managers can expect to encounter standard costs in most industrialized nations. Moreover, the most important uses are for cost management and budgetary planning purposes.

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