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Proprietary Ratio:

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Definition and Explanation:

Proprietary ratio (also known as Equity Ratio or Net worth to total assets or shareholder equity to total equity). Establishes relationship between proprietor's funds to total resources of the unit. Where proprietor's funds refer to Equity share capital and Reserves, surpluses and Tot resources refer to total assets.


Following formula is used to calculate proprietary ratio:

 Proprietary ratio = Proprietor's funds / Total assets

This relationship highlights the fact as to what is the proportion of Proprietors and outsiders in financing the total business. Suppose, in a business total assets amount of $4,00,000 and Proprietors equity is $3,00,000 then

Proprietary ratio = 3,00,000 / 4,00,000 =  0.75 times.

or 75% meaning hereby that 25% of the funds have been supplied by the outside creditors.


From the balance sheet given below calculate the proprietary ratio.

Balance Sheet




Equity share capital 3,00,000 Fixed assets 2,00,000
Reserves & surplus 50,000 Current assets 1,00,000
Debentures 1,00,000 Good will 50,000
Creditors 50,000 Investment 1,50,000
  5,00,000   5,00,000


Proprietary ratio = Proprietor's funds / Total assets


proprietor's funds = Share capital + Reserves and surplus

i.e.,  3,00,000 + 50,000 = 3,50,000 and total assets are 5,00,000

Hence the ratio is = 3,50,000 / 5,00,000 = 7 : 10

Note: Some accountants exclude intangible assets from the term total assets. If so, then assets are (5,00,000 - goodwill) = 4,50,600 in that case.

Proprietary = 3,50,000 / 4,50,000

= 7 : 9

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