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Special Journal:

Under double entry system, transactions are first of all recorded in journal and thereafter posted to the ledger. We already know that the "ledger" is the main book of account and journal is subsidiary book. Subsidiary book is a book which gives additional help to a main book.

  1. What is Subdivision of Journal:

    What is subdivision of journal? What is the purpose of subdivision of journal? What are the advantages of subdivision? Click here to find the answers of these questions.

  2. Purchases Journal:
    What is a purchases journal? What is the ruling of a purchases journal? What is difference between purchases journal and purchases account. Read this article to find answers of these questions. Click here to read this article

  3. Sales Journal:

    When a business supplies goods to a customer, an invoice is made out. The top copy is sent to the purchaser who records it in his purchase journal. The delivery of the goods will new take place, but meanwhile the seller who made out the invoice has to record the transaction in his book. Click here to continue

  4. Purchases Returns Journal:

    Purchases returns journal is a book in which goods returned to the supplier are recorded. This book is also known as returns outwards, purchases returns day book. Click here to continue

  5. Sales Returns Journal:

    Sales returns journal is a book in which seller records all the sales that have been returned to him by his customers. Sales returns journal is also known as returns inwards book and sales returns day book. Click here to continue reading.
  6. Special Journal Quiz:

    Test your knowledge about sales journal, sales returns journal, purchases journal and purchases returns journal. fill in blanks and answer short questions. Click here to start.




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