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Revenue Expenditure:

Definition and Explanation:

All the expenditures which are incurred in the day to day conduct and administration of a business and the effect-of which is completely exhausted within the current accounting year are known as "revenue expenditures". These expenditures are recurring by nature i.e. which are incurred for meeting day today requirements of a business and the effect of these expenditures is always short-lived i.e. the benefit thereof is enjoyed by the business within the current accounting year. These expenditures are also known as "expenses or expired costs." e.g. Purchase of goods, salaries paid, postages, rent, traveling expenses, stationery purchased, wages paid on goods purchased etc.

This expenditure is incurred on items or services which are useful to the business but are used up in less than one year and, therefore, only temporarily increase the profit-making capacity of the business.

Revenue expenditure also includes the expenditure incurred for the purchase of raw material and stores required for manufacturing saleable goods and the expenditure incurred to maintain the- fixed assets in proper working conditions i.e. repair of machinery, building, furniture etc.


Following are the examples of revenue expenditure.

  1. Wages paid to factory workers.
  2. Oil to lubricate machines.
  3. Power required to run machine or motor.
  4. Expenditure incurred in the ordinary conduct and administration of business, i.e. rent, , carriage on saleable goods, salaries, wages manufacturing expenses, commission, legal expenses, insurance, advertisement, free samples, postage, printing charges etc.
  5. Repair and maintenance expenses incurred on fixed assets.
  6. Cost of saleable goods.
  7. Depreciation of fixed assets used in the business.
  8. Interest on borrowed money.
  9. Freight, cartage, octroi duty, transportation, insurance paid on saleable goods.
  10. Petrol consumed in motor vehicles.
  11. Service charges to motor vehicles.
  12. Bad debts.

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