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Contribution Margin Income Statement:


Contribution margin income statement is an income statement that is prepared to show the contribution margin figure in the income statement. A traditional income statements or profit or loss accounts prepared for external parties like govt. agencies, shareholders, auditors show gross profit and net profit and do not show contribution margin figure.

A contribution margin income statement is prepared for the use of internal management. In such statements, all variable (manufacturing and non-manufacturing) and fixed (manufacturing and non-manufacturing) expenses are shown separately.

When all variable manufacturing expenses are deducted from the sales revenue, the resultant figure is gross contribution margin. And when all non-manufacturing variable expenses are deducted from the gross contribution margin, the resultant figure is contribution margin or net contribution margin.

Companies using variable costing system for decision making purposes usually prepare contribution margin format income statement. To improve your understandings, see the following arrangement of revenues and expenses:

Less manufacturing variable Expenses
Gross contribution margin
Less non-manufacturing variable expenses
Contribution margin
Less fixed manufacturing and non-manufacturing expenses
Net operating income


The following data pertain to the operations of the ABC company for the year:

Sales: $750,000
Manufacturing costs:
     Variable expenses  $300,000
     Fixed expenses $160,000
Non-manufacturing expenses:
     Variable expenses: 75,000
     Fixed marketing and administrative expenses: $150,000
Required: Prepare a contribution margin income statement


ABC company
Contribution Margin Income Statement
For the year ended December 31, 20__

Sales (75,000 $10)   $750,000
Variable manufacturing expenses   $300,000
Gross contribution margin   $450,000
Less variable marketing and administrative expenses   $75,000
Contribution margin   $375,000
Less fixed costs:    
     Manufacturing $160,000  
     Marketing and administrative expenses $150,000 310,000

Net operating income   $65,000

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