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In today's business sphere, accountancy has become an integral part of the mechanism by which we reconcile our ideas with the changing environment. The purpose of this website is to make accounting easy to understand. We have made every possible attempt to change your ambiguous world of accounting into elements of simplicity and clarity.

Brows the following accounting topics and start improving your knowledge about financial accounting and managerial accounting.

Accounting Topics:

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Introduction to Accounting Transactions and Accounting Equation Financial Statements
Analysis of Business Transactions Journal, Ledger and Trial Balance Variable Costing System
Accounting for Bills of Exchange Special Journals Activity Based Costing System
Cash Book Final Accounts Balanced Scorecard
Work Sheet Capital and Revenue Items Cost Volume Profit Relationship
Valuation of Inventories Accounts of Non-profit Making Organizations Materials and Inventory Cost Control
Statement of Cash Flows Accounting Ratios Analysis Standard Costing and Variance Analysis
Depreciation, Provisions and Reserves Capital Investment Analysis/Capital Budgeting Terms compared
Bank Reconciliation Statement Consignment Accounts

Brows our quality dictionary of more than 1000 accounting terms. Click here to open our accounting dictionary page.
Latest Inclusion:
Quango Quarter days Quorum
Quantity discount Quasi-contracts Quotation
Quantity Surveyor Queen's award to industry Quoted investment
Quantum meruit Quick assets Quoted price

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Financial Calculators:
We have a huge collection of financial calculators. Our financial calculators are very easy to use.  Click here to open our financial calculators page.
Latest Inclusion:
Flat rate loan calculator Gross profit margin calculator Hourly to salary calculator
Fringe benefit calculator HAMP calculator Hourly wage calculator
Future value calculator Holding period return calculator How much rent can I afford calculator
Geometric mean return calculator Home equity loan calculator HSA savings calculator

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