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Machine Hour Rate, Mileage, and Global Method of Depreciation:

Machine Hour Rate Method:

Under machine hour rate method of depreciation, total number of working hours of a machine during the whole of its effective life is estimated, and then the cost of machine is divided by this estimated total number of working hours in order to arrive at the hourly rate which is multiplied by the number of hours the machine has been worked during the year to find out amount of depreciation for the period.

Mileage Method of Depreciation:

This method is used only for those assets whose useful life depends upon the fact that how many kilometers they have been driven e.g. buses, cars, trucks, and rolling stock etc. The depreciation on such assets depends on as to how many kilometers these assets have been driven.

For example, a car costing $12,000 was purchased and useful life was estimated to be 48,000 kms. Its rate of depreciation would be 25 cents per kilometer. If during first year it was driven 10,000 kilometers, the amount of depreciation would be 10,000 $0.25 = 2,500.

Global Method of Depreciation:

Under this method of depreciation, the value of all the assets irrespective of their nature is added together and depreciation is charged at an average rate on aggregated value. It is not a scientific method of providing depreciation. So it should be avoided.


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